Furry is the ever growing and becoming more and more popular subculture, which is a splinter group of fantasy fandom. The main theme of this subculture is the interest in animals – to be more precise identifying with them, often in an anthropomorphic form. Representatives of this group feel a strong spiritual bond with the world of fauna and try to manifest it in many possible ways.

Furry means creativity

Art, craftsmanship, music, animation, social events – many furries are artists, creating different types of art pieces which are connected to the main motif of the subculture. A very important element of the fandom are the fursuits – carefully crafted furry costumes, representing the owners “fursona” - his animal character.

Furry means pro-ecological actions.

The members of the furry culture aren't only concentrated on fun. Due to the bond and love they have to the animal world, both wild and domesticated, they try to organize all kind of social events aimed to help, or even save animals. Depending on the possibilities, they try to support different organizations like Greenpeace, animal shelters and awareness programs – both thru promotion and information, as well as financially. Many furries donate for such activities.

Furry is a popculture

This subculture may seem like something outlandish and exotic, but it's closer to us than we think! The elements of the furry culture are present in mass media for an incredibly long time! Well known characters from kids shows and animated pictures, comic books, literature and such are only a few examples! Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Usagi Yojimbo, Ninja Turtles are only but a few to name...

Furry is history.

The furry culture haven't been created from an empty void. It mirrors the mankind's desire to posses the same powers as the animal world has, which has been cultivated from times unremembered. Be it Egyptian gods, totemic spirits for Native Americans or Aborigines – each one of them is deeply rooted in the general human culture and lead to the creation of Furry subculture!

Furry means fun!

Furries like to have fun like everyone! They organize parties, meetings and all kinds of activities. They like to dance, play games and watch movies. Fursuiters love nothing more than to entertain people, both young and old. Furry mean being a bit wild and childish at heart, allowing yourself to be a bit positively crazy ;)